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Unique luxury river cruises in Europe

A river cruise touches the senses. It combines space and time to create a contemplative experience. Sitting on the upper deck in an intimate atmosphere, watching unspoiled, beautiful scenery pass by – these are moments you will never forget.

Marvel at the engineering prowess of the locks. Immerse yourself in the culture of Europe's most beautiful cities. Enjoy the culinary specialties of the regions the ship passes through. And you only have to pack your suitcase once. Yes, a river cruise in Europe with Riverside Luxury Cruises also means setting out to find yourself.

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Do you enjoy personalized service? Do you appreciate the interplay of culture and nature as much as an uncompromising culinary experience? Do you love the fusion of space and time and are you looking for experiences that you will talk about for years to come? And yes, you like it sophisticated? Then there's a good chance that a river cruise in Europe with Riverside Luxury Cruises will be the trip of a lifetime. Our ships are second to none - and they make guests happy. Take a look at the Mozart - the first ship in our fleet, it's something special.



The Riverside Mozart is an exceptional vessel. As the largest and most luxurious river cruise ship on the Danube, she, like her famous namesake, knows how to captivate and surprise her guests.




He was considered meticulous and obsessed with detail. His famous Boléro is an idiosyncratic composition that nevertheless appeals to a wide range of tastes. The Riverside Ravel bears his name with good reason. Like the Boléro, it glides slowly along the Rhône and Saône rivers in a steady rhythm. Curious? Great! We work hard to put together the best trips for you.




He was a charmer. Poetry and charm characterized his work. His compositions were considered to be the beginning of a "new music" and the tours with the Riverside Debussy can also be seen as the beginning of a new kind of river cruise on the Rhine. Are you curious? Great! We are working at full speed to put together the most beautiful trips for you.



When you book a cruise with Riverside Luxury Cruises, you experience unparalleled luxury. Amazement in every suite. The finest fabrics and materials. Every guest enjoys butler service – and an incredible amount of space.



Culinary on board

Luxury means choice. On our river cruise ship, the choice is yours. Several restaurants offer culinary delights from all over Europe. You can feel where you are not only by the scenery, but also by the creations of our chefs. As the ship glides along, the specialties on board change, inspired by the different regions. Accompanied by exquisite wines.



Karte mozart alle städte en

Our creative team has designed routes for all the rivers that will leave you amazed and raving long after your trip. There is so much to see, discover and experience. Immerse yourself with us in the life of the genius Van Gogh, visit Gothic cathedrals with us, taste exquisite wines with us. Sharpen your senses. Enjoy French esprit and Austrian humor - and above all the life aboard our floating jewels. With the Mozart as an example, you can already see the variety of possibilities that a river cruise on the Danube offers you.

3 Nights DANUBE | Riverside Mozart
Captivating Danube Capitals Westbound
Captivating Danube Capitals Westbound
Three regal Habsburg capitals in three unforgettable nights make this the ideal Danube River getaway. As you navigate the historical sights and rich cultures of Hungary, Slovakia, and Austria, come face to face with the monumental Hungarian Parliament Building lining the banks of the Danube, Heroes' Square, and the photogenic Fishermen's Bastion and Castle District in Budapest. Encounter Napoleon's cannonball calling cards around the Bratislava Old Town, watch for the city's whimsical Cumil the Sewer Worker, and explore the imposing rocktop castle. And marvel at Vienna's palatial architecture, world-class museums, and bustling coffeehouses in Mozart's and Strauss's celebrated City of Music.
4 Nights DANUBE | Riverside Mozart
Danube Quartet
Danube Quartet
This short but mighty journey whisks you through some of Europe's most memorable cities. First, waltz your way around the grand palaces, world-class museums, refined coffeehouses, and legendary Ringstrasse in Vienna, Austria, the renowned City of Music where some of the world's greatest minds and most impressive talents called home over the centuries. Then, enter Hungary to admire the treasures of ornate Esztergom Basilica and ancient Visegrád, which was first mentioned in 1009 and served as the royal seat of Hungary for nearly a century. Finally, raise a glass of Tokaji aszú (Hungarian wine) in Budapest to toast the tenacious capital's incredible beauty and many highlights on both sides of the Danube.
4 Nights DANUBE | Riverside Mozart
Danube Highlights Westbound
Danube Highlights Westbound
This 5-day luxury cruise begins in the incomparable Hungarian capital, where you'll discover the intricate relationship between the city and river. With its Castle District on one bank and monumental Parliament Building on the other, few cities wear the Danube as well as Budapest! Other highlights include Bratislava, whimsical capital of Slovakia, whose white hilltop castle casts a formidable shadow over the quaint pedestrian Old Town below; Krems, a major producer of Austria's delectable apricot brandy; scenic cruising through the world-famous Wachau Valley; and Mauthausen, a crossroads of two trade routes during Roman times. Your fantastic journey concludes in Passau, Germany's famed City of Three Rivers.
7 Nights DANUBE | Riverside Mozart
The Blue Danube
The Blue Danube
Discover the Danube's quaint villages and bustling capital cities on this exquisite cruise beginning and ending in Budapest. Come face to face with the Hungarian Parliament Building, Heroes' Square, and Castle District before heading to nearby Bratislava, the surprisingly whimsical capital of Slovakia. In Vienna, marvel at the monumental architecture, legendary Ringstrasse, and celebrated Lipizzaner stallions as you follow in the footsteps of Mozart and Strauss. Then, discover a little bit more of Hungary in Estergom, one of the country's oldest towns, and Visegrád with its castles and Royal Palace.
4 Nights RHONE | SAONE | Riverside Ravel
Secrets of the Rhône
Secrets of the Rhône
Fine wines, sublime scenery, riveting history—this outstanding foray into the South of France has it all! Enjoy 5 exquisite days, beginning in stately Avignon and ending in the foodie paradise of Lyon. Along the way, visit the regal Palace of the Popes, see one of the best-preserved 1st-century Roman amphitheatres in the world, and savor the wines and chocolate of Tain l'Hermitage. You can also personalize your experience with a selection of great Riverside choices—Roman Nîmes, Aix-en-Provence, the Beaujolais wine region, Pont du Gard, the Camargue nature preserve, a truffle experience, and a ghostly night tour. Finally, if the thought of active pursuits makes your heart beat a little faster, you might enjoy kayaking, eBiking, or hiking with an expert guide.
5 Nights RHONE | SAONE | Riverside Ravel
Gems of Southern FranceNew
Gems of Southern FranceNew
From its glacial source in the Swiss Alps to its final rush into the sea, the Rhône River courses over 500 miles (800 km), finally dividing in the South of France and creating the Camargue, Western Europe's largest river delta. Experience the ancient river's majesty personally on this amazing 6-day cruise that begins and ends in Avignon. Highlights include the monumental Palace of the Popes, Lubéron mountain (a favorite destination among French jet-setters), Tarascon's impressive medieval château, and wine tasting in Châteauneuf-du-Pape. You'll also have a number of excursion choices, featuring everything from a truffle experience, iconic Pont du Gard, and Roman Nîmes to the unrivaled splendor of Aix-en-Provence or the pink flamingos and wild horses of the Camargue. Up on the ship's Sun Deck, an unforgettable al fresco dinner is on offer (weather permitting), as well as evening drinks as the ship moves slowly through the breathtaking Rhône Delta. Finally, with Riverside, you always have the opportunity to stay active—how about a scenic hike in the Ardeche, guided kayaking adventure, or invigorating eBike tour?
7 Nights RHONE | SAONE | Riverside Ravel
French Fête in Saone and Rhône: From Lyon to AvignonNew
French Fête in Saone and Rhône: From Lyon to AvignonNew
One ship, 2 rivers, 8 days—and countless memories! This grand journey introduces you to two of France's greatest rivers: the Saône and the Rhône—as well as Burgundy, Provence, and the Camargue, the country's largest wetlands reserve! Embark in 2,000-year-old Lyon with its secret covered Traboules (passageways) zig-zagging around the city and world-renowned foodie culture. Then, cruise along the Saône in Riverside luxury, encountering unforgettable gems in Art Nouveau Chalon-sur-Saône; Tournus, whose "location, location, location" made it easy to defend; and Mâcon, where a Louis XV-era apothecary—and its heavy walnut drawers devoted to opium, ivory, silk, cocoon, and other unusual products—offers a peek at 18th-century medicine. Traveling south, enter the waters of the legendary Rhône to discover just what makes this region so special: ancient Vienne and Viviers, France's tiniest city; pretty, Provençal Tarascon; Vincent Van Gogh's beloved Arles, where the artist prolifically captured the area's allure on canvas more than 200 times; and far-south Port St. Louis, where the river meets the sea. Riverside also lets you select activities for a more personal experience, like a day trip to Burgundy's Beaujolais wine region, iconic Aix-en-Provence, or the Camargue with its pink flamingos and wild horses. For the chance to get out and really get moving, active excursions include kayaking and sightseeing by eBike. Last, but certainly not least, is scenic evening cruising through the beautiful Rhône Delta—très magnifique!
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Culture. Spaces.

Their history and geographical location make the Danube, Rhine and Rhône rivers prime destinations for a river cruise in Europe. They became famous as trade routes. As natural landscapes, they are hard to beat for beauty. Here you can experience architecture, art and culinary delights in a very special way. No matter what ship or destination you choose, Riverside Luxury Cruises will make it right.



Our excursions are special. They guarantee surprising and unforgettable experiences. Architecture lovers, art admirers, music enthusiasts, nature lovers and gourmet lovers will find new experiences during our excursions. Let yourself be inspired by the excursions we have created for the Mozart. And soon we'll be sailing the Rhône and Rhine.

Trish Bannon Director Land Operations
Vienna Hofreitschule Visit to the Spanish Riding School Vienna



What an experience to watch the training of the “Lipizzaners”, the white stars in the imperial ambience of the baroque Spanish Riding School. Accompanied by classical Viennese music. With a bit of luck, the famous jumps performed by the horses can be seen as part of the morning training. A guided tour behind the scenes is also possible. It is not without merit that the Spanish Riding School is considered “the most beautiful riding stable in the world”.

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Salas Traditional Vojvodina Village Home Novi Sad Novi Sad


Novi Sad

Novi Sad is a little Serbian dream. Pastel-coloured houses in narrow streets. Museums and the Petrovaradin Fortress. And then there is the beautiful farm of the Matic family. The Matic family have been farmers for generations. For guests of the Riverside Mozart, they offer a Vojvodin breakfast with homemade delicacies like doughnuts – as well as Serbian music.

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Ilok Countryside Beauty by Train and Wine Tasting Ilok



Even the ancient Romans called Ilok a “delicium mundi”. This means as much as deliciousness of the world. Wine growing in the Croatian town of Ilok and its villages Bapska, Šarengrad, Radoš and Mohovo goes back to a 2000-year-old tradition. The drive there is like a picture book and the famous and award-winning wines are a pure delight.

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Budapest Ballon Fly Budapest



Do it like Tom Sawyer in his adventurous balloon ride and enjoy the world from above. What an adventure to fly silently over Budapest – in a traditional hot-air balloon at a height of 150 metres. And afterwards, stroll through the city and discover fancy shops and stand in amazement in front of architectural jewels.

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Eztergom Celebrating Slovakian Wine Esztergom



What an estate! Château Béla in the south of Slovakia. Wine was already grown here in the time of the Roman Empire. Today, the team – led by the renowned Slovakian winemaker Miroslav Petrech – produces mainly Riesling and Cabernet Sauvignon. Absolute top wines, recognised many times with numerous awards. The wine tasting with Miroslav Petrech will take place in the historic wine cellar. It is located under the castle and is not otherwise accessible to the public. And, of course, you get to see the castle as such.

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Bratislava Danubiana Museum Bratislava



It is located south of Bratislava, directly on the banks of the Danube. Its modern architecture is impressive. Its collection and its exhibitions of world-renowned artists have already inspired personalities such as Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands or Prince Albert of Monaco. One particular bijou is the sculpture garden of the Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum with impressive sculptures by El Lissitzky, Magdalena Abakanowicz, Jim Dine or Hans van de Bovenkamp, to name but a few.

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Linz Helicopter Flight over the Austrian Alps Linz



Ready to take off? Off you go on a private helicopter flight over the Austrian Alps. What a panorama. The flight also passes over the famous “Salzkammergut”, one of Austria’s most beautiful cultural areas with mountains, lakes and meadows. You first have to come down from this event, even if you have already landed. Perfect for all you adrenaline junkies out there.

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Mauthausen Concentration Camp Memorial Mauthausen



What would a society be that hides its past? This 90-minute tour of the Mauthausen Memorial offers a glimpse into the history of the Second World War, its pogroms and the deaths of countless people. Afterwards, you can visit the exhibition, which deals, among other things, with the harsh prison conditions, the hierarchy in the camp and the horrific abuse of the prisoners for medical experiments.

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Krems Kittenberger Garden Experience Krems



He started 40 years ago with a small garden shop. Today, a botanical life’s work has emerged from this: the Kittenberger Gardens, named after its founder, Rainhard Kittenberger. In the midst of the vineyards, he and his family have created a lush flowering landscape with a total of 50 themed gardens. A natural source of magic at any time of year. And certainly an inspiration for your own garden.

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Dürnstein Wachau Valley by Helicopter Dürnstein



The Wachau is a synthesis of nature’s arts: rugged mountains up to more than 900 metres high, terraces for winegrowing and, time and again, churches and castles from the Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque periods. During your cruise, you can transfer to the helicopter for a sightseeing flight. What a beauty. You don’t want to have your gaze clouded by a blink of an eye. If the term were not so overused in tourism these days, you’d say: A paradise!

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