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A river cruise aboard the Riverside Mozart means luxury, local culture and loving life. No sense is left untouched. Dine in one of the first-class restaurants. Decompress in the spa with sauna and massage. Discover another world on an excursion. Or simply delight in an Earl Grey or a Taittinger on the Vista Deck as you sail serenely through the landscape of the Wachau Valley. It's one big treat for the senses.

Time ticks differently on the Riverside Mozart, as does the ship itself. It sets the standard for true luxury on the river. Enjoy suites instead of staterooms, the smallest alone measuring 215 square feet (20 sqm), while the Owner Suites deliver an expansive 883 square feet (82 sqm). No other river cruise ship on the Danube offers so much space combined, with a suite to crew ratio of 1:1. The service on board is exceptional, catering to standards enjoyed in luxury hotels the world over. When it comes to styling, different tastes can certainly divide opinion – but this ship is without a doubt uncompromisingly beautiful.

Sonja Gruber General Managerin

To sleep is to live


No matter which suite you choose, you will always make the right choice. While they differ in styling, size and subtle nuances, with every suite you will enjoy: Fine materials such as leather and velvet, elegant marble bathrooms and king-size beds – plus a casual sofa or cozy armchair in which to relax. Wherever you look, you will see soft colors in the furniture and artwork, as the designers were inspired by nature and the different colors of the Danube. In every suite, your butler will ensure every cruise is a personal masterpiece.



Luxury means having a choice. On the Riverside Mozart, the choice is yours. Four different restaurants offer genuine culinary perfection and variety. As the ship moves from port to port, the specialties on board also change, inspired by the world’s different regions. Modern interpretations of dishes from the crown lands of the former Habsburg Empire of Austria-Hungary, as well as fine Italian pasta dishes or delicious tapas



7 Nights DANUBE | Riverside Mozart
Treasures of the Danube Westbound
Treasures of the Danube Westbound
Starting off with the "Queen of the Danube", Budapest this cruise will give you the opportunity to enjoy well-known cities as well as smaller towns "off the beaten path" before you will conclude your Danube-experience in Vienna, the grand capital of Austria.
7 Nights DANUBE | Riverside Mozart
Treasures of the Danube Eastbound
Treasures of the Danube Eastbound
Vienna, a city of ornate architecture and distinguished composers at the very heart of European culture is the starting point of your cruise which will put you in touch with Austrian, Slovakian and Hungarian culture and finish in Budapest, Hungary`s enchanting and elegant capital.
3 Nights DANUBE | Riverside Mozart
Captivating Danube Capitals Westbound
Captivating Danube Capitals Westbound
Three majestic Habsburg capitals are delighted to present their architectual beauty and centuries of history to you on this cruise.
4 Nights DANUBE | Riverside Mozart
Autumn Along The Danube
Autumn Along The Danube
Stroll through the alleys of the pretty Danube town of Ybbs, the home of Austria's oldest Danube power plant. In Passau, the city of three rivers, art historians explore the cathedral, beer lovers take a guided tour and tasting in a brewery and nature lovers discover the region by bike. Linz offers a journey into the past and the future, both at the same time. On the one hand, there's the baroque architecture, the old city hall and the spectacular cathedral. And on the other hand, there is the Ars Electronica Center, one of the most important facilities of the UNESCO City of Media Arts. It is these contrasts that make this trip so special.
7 Nights DANUBE | Riverside Mozart
The Blue Danube
The Blue Danube
Starting in striking Budapest this cruise will bring you to Vienna via interesting Bratislava and lots of small historic towns and villages which incorporate many Austrian traditions.
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Destinations & Cities




Two tales. One city. Vienna is the city of classical music. Vienna is Mozart and Strauss. It’s also street art on the sandy beach and fun in the countryside. It’s bohemian and bourgeoisie, and oh so baroque. What a city!



No wonder many filmmakers have chosen Budapest as their backdrop. EVITA, INFERNO and SPY were filmed in Budapest. The city is a metropolis and health resort in one. It’s the Castle District ,Chain Bridge and Count Dracula. It is a city of intrigue, art, nightlife and history. There truly is something for everyone.



Once understated and not very well know, Bratislava has become a pearl on the Danube. It reveals its splendor at the castle and in its enchanting old town. It is a city wih a sense of humor. Look for the bronze monument to a canal worker, who mischievously looks out of a manhole cover at the passers-by. Will you be one of them?



Linz? Often, the only things that come to mind are “Linzer Torte” and Mozart’s Linz Symphony. The city is truly underestimated, with its baroque main square and magnificent old town. Do you love a good market? Then Linz is your town, boasting eleven farmers markets and two Christmas Markets. One, the “Urfahraner Market” takes place in both the Spring and Fall. Shopping anyone?



Passau is first and foremost a university town. That is why it is young, vibrant and full of life. Then there are the three rivers, the Danube, Inn and Ilz, which flow together in the city and give it a special character. Speaking of character, Passau has quite the amount of character thanks to the prevalence of Baroque and Gothic architecture including many beautiful churchs and cathedrals as well as the Veste Oberhaus, a fortress since the Middle Ages.



Dürnstein is a village with narrow streets and the canons’ monastery, whose blue church tower stretches out majestically into the Heavens – giving the city a distinctive look along the shores of the mighty Danube. High above the village is the castle, or rather what remains of the castle. It is there that you can trace an exciting story: King Richard the Lionheart was imprisoned here – and would possibly have died there if a singer had not saved him. Come learn the enchanting story yourself.



It is not just any monastery, but the monastery par excellence. Built in 1746 by order of the Benedictine monks, it sits enthroned on a rock nearly 200 feet above the ground. Surely you know the famous novel “The Name of the Rose”. The story begins in Melk Abbey and this is also where it ends – in the breathtaking library. 100,000 volumes in 12 rooms.



Between the green hills and the blue Danube is nestled the charming city of Grein. The rococo theatre in Grein, which is Austria’s oldest theater, was built in 1793 solely to provide a little diversion for the guests passing through. It is located in the middle of the enchanted old town and is still preserved. Its wooden hall is situated in today’s town hall. Another highlight is Greinsburg Castle with its maritime museum, which provides a perfect overview of the history of navigation on the Danube for history or maritime buffs.



An important trading center in ancient times, Krems is now considered one of the most ornate towns in Austria. Two of the special places in Krems are the “Körnermarkt” and the tobacco factory, where 75,000 Virginia cigars were still being produced annually in 1920. Today, parts of the factory are used for the university and the charming “Kunsthalle” featuring modern and contemporary Austrian art.

Train. Relax. Repeat.


You don’t have to sacrifice your fitness or wellness routine while on board. Enjoy a host of workout or spa opportunities to ensure you can indulge yet stay physically active. Whether you take a bike off ship, visit the fitness room, swim laps in the pool or sign up for a relaxing massage, your time aboard the Riverside Mozart will not only engage your mind but your body as well. The pool’s counter-current system challenges you to challenge yourself. The track on deck 3 is perfect for jogging or walking. Ready for a sauna or steam bath? Anytime. There are two areas on the Riverside Mozart: for men and for women, each with a Finnish sauna and steam room. Get a massage, or a facial or style your hair. Do it all and then say: Ah, life is beautiful!