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The Rhône – the epitome of sensuality

As a torrential mountain stream it thunders through the mountains of the Gotthard Massif, leaves Lake Geneva as a broad current and then turns into a deep, clear blue – the Rhône. Travel on the Rhône has a long history. During construction work in Lyon in 2003, six small ships were found which originated from the first century of our era. Wine was transported on the river in the Middle Ages, and also olive oil in amphora or marble from Italy.

Along the Rhône

The landscape of the Rhône is a dream. It runs through France’s most beautiful regions, such as Burgundy, Rhône-Alpes and into Provence. Enchanting cities such as Arles and Avignon line its banks, beavers and river otters live in its wetlands – and its arms form the Camargue Delta, where flamingos strut through salt lakes and white horses live in the wild. The Rhône is the epitome of sensuality. A river for gourmets and for people who love the beautiful things in life.  The scent of the Rhône is lavender and herbs. Of course, this is probably called savoir vivre.


Best of the Rhône

7 Nights RHONE | Riverside Ravel
BOLÉRO South of France - Southbound
BOLÉRO South of France - Southbound
Like Ravel with the Boléro, we have also created a work of art with this cruise. Well, a small one at least. From Lyon to Avignon. Seven days in the south of France. Seven days of culinary delights and sensuality. Seven days of experiences you will want to talk about for many years to come. Simply book now and enjoy the sense of anticipation. And then it can soon start!
3 Nights RHONE | Riverside Ravel
Rhône Retreat: Lyon Loop
Rhône Retreat: Lyon Loop
Embark on our Rhône Retreat: Lyon Loop cruise and explore the captivating beauty of the Rhône River. Departing from Lyon, the culinary capital of France, you'll journey through Provence, visiting charming destinations along the way. In Viviers, discover its medieval charm and visit its captivating cathedral. Continue to Tournon, where the historic Tournon Castle offers panoramic views of the Rhône Valley. Immerse yourself in the Roman heritage of Vienne, exploring well-preserved ruins and medieval architecture. Finally, we return to Lyon, where you can indulge in the city's gastronomy and explore its UNESCO-listed Old Town. This short cruise promises a delightful blend of history, scenery, and culinary delights.
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This city is a jewel for people interested in both yesterday and today. Vienne is a small town, but already boasted 30,000 inhabitants in the 2nd century. Trade and steam navigation brought an upswing in the 19th century. And what can you expect to see? Definitely the Archaeological Museum, the St-Romain-en-Gal museum complex with the “House of the Ocean Gods” and the remains of the former thermal baths. And afterwards, it’s best to sit down in a café and enjoy the present.



At night, the stories seem to emanate from the walls of the nearby houses. Narrow alleys. Cobblestone. This small town is a true gem. Yes, a walk through Viviers is a journey back to the Middle Ages, because the former bishop’s town was spared the destruction of wars. Besides small shops, there are also big things to see. For example, the cathedral with special works of art such as the five tapestries – three of them were given to the bishop by Napoléon III. A highlight in the truest sense of the word is the viewpoint in the upper town. What a view of this enchanting place.



Marc Seguin’s most beautiful suspension bridge spans the Rhône between Tournon and the neighbouring village of Tain-l’Hermitage. Tournon is France “in miniature”: With a castle, a stunning museum dedicated to the history of the Counts of Tournon, maritime navigation and the works of Seguin. And a botanical garden, all very secluded! Don’t miss the exhibition at the historic chocolate factory in Tain-l’Hermitage, very delicious!



This pearl of Provence is surrounded by the most beautiful natural parks in Europe. Today, Arles is the epitome of important art and a contemporary witness to an eventful history, from the amphitheatre to proud patrician houses. And what would Arles be without van Gogh – strolling through the town in the footsteps of this great artist – that too is unforgettable.



Lyon is the destination for fine food fans. 2000 years of rich history. Musée des Beaux-Arts. The old town with cobblestone streets. The Basilica Notre-Dame and a magnificent view over the city and the countryside. Silk painting in the smart working-class district of La Croix-Rousse. The gourmet temple of Les Halles de Lyon de Paul Bocuse. The finest cuisine in the region’s typical “Bouchon” style. So much sensuality. So much pleasure.



It is a city of unparalleled beauty. It curves its way over the river Rhône, and has done so since 1840. The Pont Saint-Bénézet acquired international fame through the song “Sur le pont d’Avignon”. Crossing it, you find yourself immediately in front of the Papal Palace, one of the largest and most important medieval buildings in Europe. It arose, it must be said, out of sheer laziness: For the Archbishop of Bordeaux did not wish to travel to Rome for his papal consecration. He had himself crowned in Lyon and had a palace built in Avignon. A monument.

Our ship on the river Rhône

Riverside Ravel

His music was known for its elegance, exquisite detail and exemplary finish. No wonder the Riverside Ravel bears his name. Sail the Rhône and Saone rivers aboard a ship that is bespoke. The design, the details, the sweet service, it all adds up to a perfectly honed experience that will make you smile for many years to come. We are meticulously crafting cruises that will match the splendor of the landscapes through which you will sail.

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