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There is a photo of the famous French composer Ravel showing him in a relaxed pose in a leather armchair, with a well-groomed appearance, a bespoke suit, and with a waistcoat and silk tie. This photo symbolically stands for Riverside Ravel. A voyage on this ship means enjoying comfort and fine cuisine, stimulating the senses and experiencing the unforgettable. As in Ravel’s famous Boléro, you will glide slowly at a constant rhythm over the Rhône and Saône – and it is an attraction in itself.

Rajko Pacarek Hotel Director

Elegance and space

Our suites

Our suites will guarantee you plenty of space, privacy and superlative comfort. They are equipped with luxurious materials, fine fabrics, velvet and leather. All of them have elegant bathrooms and King size beds. Their colours are soft and match the tones of nature. Panoramic windows blur the boundaries between inside and outside. There are only differences in the nuances and sizes. But no matter which suite you decide on, it will be the right one!


Fine cuisine – comme il faut!

There are some things in life you can simply rely on. French cuisine, for example, with its high-quality products and ingredients. Tarte Tatin, Boeuf Bourguignon or Crêpe Suzette? Accompanied by a vintage wine from the south of the Rhône valley – with the fruitiness of Grenache, the spiciness of Syrah or the robustness of Mourvèdre. Voyages on the Riverside Ravel are culinary awakenings. With their fine creations our chefs take up the themes of the area that the ship is currently travelling through, and all the products come from the region in question, of course. Everything is made by hand on board, from the jam to the bread and bread rolls. Convenience is a taboo word in the galleys of Riverside Luxury Cruises.



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Destinations & Cities

Rhône and Saône



It is a city of unparalleled beauty. It curves its way over the river Rhône, and has done so since 1840. The Pont Saint-Bénézet acquired international fame through the song “Sur le pont d’Avignon”. Crossing it, you find yourself immediately in front of the Papal Palace, one of the largest and most important medieval buildings in Europe. It arose, it must be said, out of sheer laziness: For the Archbishop of Bordeaux did not wish to travel to Rome for his papal consecration. He had himself crowned in Lyon and had a palace built in Avignon. A monument.



Lyon is the destination for fine food fans. 2000 years of rich history. Musée des Beaux-Arts. The old town with cobblestone streets. The Basilica Notre-Dame and a magnificent view over the city and the countryside. Silk painting in the smart working-class district of La Croix-Rousse. The gourmet temple of Les Halles de Lyon de Paul Bocuse. The finest cuisine in the region’s typical “Bouchon” style. So much sensuality. So much pleasure.



This pearl of Provence is surrounded by the most beautiful natural parks in Europe. Today, Arles is the epitome of important art and a contemporary witness to an eventful history, from the amphitheatre to proud patrician houses. And what would Arles be without van Gogh – strolling through the town in the footsteps of this great artist – that too is unforgettable.



Marc Seguin’s most beautiful suspension bridge spans the Rhône between Tournon and the neighbouring village of Tain-l’Hermitage. Tournon is France “in miniature”: With a castle, a stunning museum dedicated to the history of the Counts of Tournon, maritime navigation and the works of Seguin. And a botanical garden, all very secluded! Don’t miss the exhibition at the historic chocolate factory in Tain-l’Hermitage, very delicious!



At night, the stories seem to emanate from the walls of the nearby houses. Narrow alleys. Cobblestone. This small town is a true gem. Yes, a walk through Viviers is a journey back to the Middle Ages, because the former bishop’s town was spared the destruction of wars. Besides small shops, there are also big things to see. For example, the cathedral with special works of art such as the five tapestries – three of them were given to the bishop by Napoléon III. A highlight in the truest sense of the word is the viewpoint in the upper town. What a view of this enchanting place.



This city is a jewel for people interested in both yesterday and today. Vienne is a small town, but already boasted 30,000 inhabitants in the 2nd century. Trade and steam navigation brought an upswing in the 19th century. And what can you expect to see? Definitely the Archaeological Museum, the St-Romain-en-Gal museum complex with the “House of the Ocean Gods” and the remains of the former thermal baths. And afterwards, it’s best to sit down in a café and enjoy the present.



Quelle surprise! The beauty of Chalon-sur-Saône begins right at Quai Gambetta, where the boat docks. Walk upstream and discover this pretty town, where Julius Caesar left his mark, and whose museum focuses on the invention of photography. In Chalon-sur-Saône, you can see pretty half-timbered houses and façades in an Art Nouveau style. The Théâtre Piccolo was modelled on the royal opera in Versailles.



In Trevoux, numerous ateliers will surprise you time and again with arts and crafts. Until the 18th century, Trevoux was the capital of the independent principality of Dombes. The city wall, the large houses in the city centre and the ruins of a castle still bear witness to this glorious time. From the castle ruins, the view over the Saône is incredibly impressive.



So beautiful. So tranquil. Yes, the town of Tournus is almost idyllic. The old town is cosy, and you should definitely see the former abbey with the façade of the massive Saint Philibert church – the oldest preserved large Romanesque building in France. A variety of vault shapes makes it particularly exciting. Another exciting detail is also the Hôtel-Dieu – a former hospital with fully preserved historical furnishings and a hospital pharmacy from the 17th century.



With colourful old town houses and the old church of St. Vincent, with vineyards and meadows, Mâcon is a charming little town. If you walk through the city and come to Place aux Herbes, you should stop in front of the Maison de Bois wooden house. While looking at the façade, you will discover magical grotesques and mythical creatures. Incidentally, the French international footballer Antoine Griezmann was born in Mâcon.

Spa & Fitness


A soothing massage before dinner? Or would you prefer a pampering facial treatment? You’ve come to the right place in our onboard spa. A treatment room immersed in the bright colours of nature ensures genuine relaxation in the truest sense of the word. Our spa therapist tailors the treatments to your individual needs and constitution. 

More strength, more endurance, more conditioning – fitness contributes to a healthy life. On board the Riverside Ravel, you don’t have to go without your daily sports routines. Our gym is equipped with modern Technogym equipment, free weights, balls and Thera bands. Whether it’s in the morning before breakfast or in the evening before dinner, be it muscle building or cardio – you can enjoy a wonderful time here.